School Leader Workshop Series

Schools, school systems and organizations may arrange for workshops (onsite or online delivery) to meet the unique professional learning needs of educators around the world.

Workshop 1: Planning, Executing and Monitoring School Improvement

  • learn to appreciate the critical role of school improvement planning
  • examine key components that include SMART goals, monitoring strategies and implementation rubrics
  • explore essential collaborative processes

Workshop 2: Personal Qualities, Competencies and Problem Solving

  • examine how knowledge, values, beliefs and assumptions impact leadership practices
  • understand the role of self-awareness, self-assessment, planning for growth and develop ethical fitness by examining dilemmas

Workshop 3: Mentoring and Coaching

  • examine mentoring and coaching from an academic and implementation perspective
  • explore the types of mentoring and components of successful coaching
  • understand and develop the required skills and competencies

Workshop 4: Family and Community Engagement

  • understand the importance of family and community engagement
  • review various types of parent engagement, potential barriers, strategies and resources
  • explore strategies to develop intercultural competencies

Workshop 5: Leading an Equitable and Inclusive School

  • examine the role of equity, inclusivity, and social justice in schools
  • explore the importance of mindsets in leading equitable schools
  • understand privilege, bias and culturally responsive and relevant leadership
  • examine the role of leadership in building positive school culture

Workshop 6: Professional and Challenging Conversations

  • learn how to lead change with professional conversations
  • plan for a challenging conversation
  • examine tools such as an outcome map
  • explore impressive empathy, reframing, non-verbal behaviours and listening

Workshop 7: Leading the Special Education Program

  • review special education and the Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • probe how to build staff capacity to meet the needs of every student
  • understand the complexities of student aggression
  • learn strategies to build collaborative partnerships with parents

Workshop 8: Leading Well-being in Your School

  • build knowledge of how to create mentally healthy schools
  • explore strategies to develop common language and understanding
  • examine tiered support model for school mental health and well-being
  • understand everyday mental health practice

Workshop 9: Wellness and Life Balance for School Leaders

  • recognize and understand the impact of compassion fatigue
  • probe how technology supports well-being
  • develop strategies to reduce the impact of difficult communication
  • refine your approach to challenges to enhance your well-being

Workshop 10: Professional Learning Presentation/Facilitation Skills

  • review and apply the key theories associated with the adult learner and roles and responsibilities of a presenter
  • refine your facilitation skills
  • develop a repertoire of effective and engaging tools for your next professional learning event

Workshop 11: Understanding and Improving Your Cultural Intelligence

  • review current research, concepts and tools for self-assessment
  • explore strategies for building your cultural intelligence
  • develop a plan for improving your cultural intelligence

Delivery Options for Schools, Systems and Organizations

Designed to fit your unique needs, we offer the following delivery options:

  • 2 full-day onsite workshops: $15,000 CAD (unlimited participants)*
  • 12-hour online workshop: $5,000 CAD (maximum of 20 participants)

*Onsite delivery fees provide for the contextualized workshop, online resources and an expert instructor (with compensation and expenses). Client is responsible for all venue associated costs.

We will issue a Certificate of Participation to those who attend a workshop and an ISL Certificate Program – Level 2 for those who participate in five workshops.

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