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Innovative Leadership

Cam Fraser, OPC Program Lead, interviews Dr. Lyn Sharratt about innovative leadership, as defined in her book, Good to Great to Innovate. Two of the

International School Leadership – Denmark 2015

Elisabeth Rudi Lund, Deputy Principal in Oslo, Norway, speaks about the experience of completing ISL Modules 1 and 2 online.  “ISL provides the best

Why Select ISL for Your Instructional Leadership Training?

Dr. Gisela Wajskop of Brazil, former Professor at the Institute of Education in San Paulo, interviews Dr. Joanne Robinson CEO of ISL about the

Enacting School-Level Leadership Practices

Linda Massey, Associate Director of Professional Development, with the Ontario Principals’ Council interviews Dr. Ken Leithwood on practices that define effective instructional school leadership.

Uplifting Leadership

John Hamilton, Director of ISL interviews Dr. Andy Hargreaves about six factors of leadership that link together to achieve improbable success: Dreaming with Determination,

ISL Training in the Cayman Islands

Minister of Education Tara Rivers and Principal Monteith discuss the delivery of a customized International School Leadership Certificate Program in their country.

Moving from Great to Excellent

Dr. Joanne Robinson, CEO of ISL, interviews Dr. Michael Fullan, O.C. about the pivotal role of principals in moving schools and systems from great