International School Leadership Certificate Program

A certificate program for all School Leaders - Principals, Heads, Deputies, Department Heads and Aspiring Leaders

Why Select Our International School Leadership Certificate Program?

Our certificate program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of modules leading to the acquisition of an International School Leadership Certificate. Participants will be able to reflect on their own practice using our online tools focused on self-assessment for teachers and for school leaders.

This internationally highly regarded program for national and international school leaders

Highly Effective Instructors

Provides strong evidence of highly effective instructors who demonstrate deep commitment to their students, resulting in many life-long relationships

Internationally Regarded

has had participants from over 50 countries who have completed nearly 6000 modules

Flexible Learning Strategies

Offers flexible learning with a variety of course formats.

Positive Testimonials

Has many positive testimonials, advocates and collaborators from around the world

Instructional Strategies

Helps leaders develop high yield instructional strategies, explore current research and work through a student-centered curriculum that requires the application of new learning to practice

Program Alignment

Leverages partnerships with higher education institutions for advanced standing in Master’s courses and is used as part of a Master’s Degree offered in partnership with Western University, Canada.


International School Leadership Certificate Courses

The International School Leadership Certificate represents the culmination of many years of experience in providing professional development in Ontario and around the world. It builds on the strengths of the Ontario certification program, our international work to date, and our vision for the future. Although ISL promotes the complete certificate offering, we recognize that individuals may wish to participate in single or multiple modules.

Program Design, Delivery & Pricing


Online modules are delivered over a 5-week period and require 2-3 hours per week of active online participation. The required technical skills are minimal, given the intuitive learning management system.

Online delivery allows participants to progress through the module as a cohort

  • interacting with fellow participants and the instructor online
  • committing to regular online contributions and
  • participating in one synchronous session arranged by the instructor in consultation with participants.

Online delivery is self-directed to provide ease of access to participants.

Are you seriously considering one of our online courses but remain concerned about the technical demands? If yes, visit our free online tutorial that will give you an excellent overview of how the courses are structured and what you can expect in terms of technical skills and knowledge.

Contracted Delivery

Interested in bringing the ISL Certificate Program to your institution, school board or jurisdiction? ISL can tailor our programming to meet the nature and priorities of your specific jurisdiction. Contact us for more information.


With onsite delivery, you will get a chance to experience our greatest strength, the quality of our instructors. Beyond having demonstrated the highest levels of leadership, these individuals stand out as exemplary teachers. Onsite delivery is supported by an online learning forum. All  course resources are made available online.

Program Pricing

Onsite modules 1-5 are $400 CAD per module.

Online modules 1-5 are $452 CAD per module. Module 6 is only available online and is $113 CAD per participant.

Contracted delivery prices are available and determined by participant enrolment and specific site costs. Please contact us for pricing.

Program Content

The International School Leadership Certificate – Level 1 is issued after completion of Modules 1-6.

Module 1: Leadership for School Improvement

  • examine practices of an effective school leader for 21st century teaching and learning using international leadership frameworks and research
  • explore the role of personal reflection, emotional and cultural intelligence

Module 2: Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

  • review effective school research
  • identify characteristics of effective schools that support 21st century teaching and learning
  • explore the characteristics of effective schools and systems

Module 3: Building Relationships and Developing People

  • explore in-depth the concepts of emotional and cultural intelligence
  • understand the importance of building relational trust, a collaborative culture and collective efficacy
  • probe how to improve challenging conversations

Module 4: Setting Goals and Expectations Using Data-Informed Decision Making

  • examine characteristics of a collaborative school culture
  • understand the importance of collecting and analyzing a wide variety of student achievement data
  • explore how to plan, monitor, and evaluate school improvement

Module 5: Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction - Meeting the needs of all learners

  • understand conditions for learning, universal design for learning, tiered interventions, differentiated instruction, assessment and high-yield strategies
  • identify the role of professional learning, collaborative inquiry and learning walks

Module 6: Instructional Leadership Project Plan - The application of theory to practice

  • apply new knowledge to the development of a leadership plan that identifies a problem of practice, goals, context, leadership, applicable literature and a process for assessing success

Master's Dimension

The Master’s Dimension (MD) program is available to those who have completed Certificate 1 (Modules 1 – 6).   By completing the MD, our partnering universities will recognize your work and provide prior-learning credits that will reduce tuition costs and completion times for a master’s degree.

The MD program requires the implementation of the Instructional Leadership Project Plan developed in Module 6.  In addition, the participant must maintain a log and prepare two academic papers under the direction of an Academic Advisor.

The MD registration fee is $565 to cover the cost of the support of an academic advisor and additional support from your ISL instructor.

For further information about the requirements and registration, please contact

Testimonials of Quality

Outstanding Impact!

The ISL program has made a huge impact on our school system and has created coherence and alignment for all our school and system leaders. We have become better using data and identifying key factors for school improvement and it has helped us laying the foundation for our framework. The learning and commitment has increased for everyone involved and by the power of collective learning we have built capacity within our teams. The program is a good mixture of theory and practise and the instructors were very professional and structured. Everyone agrees that the education was outstanding and that we couldn’t have invested our money in a better way

Who Recognizes Our Certificate Program

A number of universities have certified our program by assessing and verifying the quality of the program in accordance with institutional standards and, thereafter, extending Master degree credits for our program. These universities include:

Our program has been recognized by a number of organizations and institutions around the globe: