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International School Leadership (ISL) Certificate Program for Organizations

A Globally-Recognized Leadership Certificate.

Program Description

The International School Leadership Certificate is issued after completion of Modules 1-6.

Module 1: Leadership for School Improvement

  • What is your WHY and how does it connect to student achievement and well-being?

  • How might international research about effective school leadership practices promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in your school?

  • Are you managing, leading or always doing both?

  • How can a school-level leadership framework improve your leadership practices?

Module 2: Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

  • What are the dimensions associated with effective and inclusive schools and systems?
  • How will an understanding of effective and inclusive schools guide your next steps as a leader?
  • What does the research say about the high yield areas for improvement?
  • How is your school performing? What are the strengths and areas for improvement?
  • How do you know whether or not your school is a learning organization?

Module 3: Building Relationships and Developing People

·       What are the qualities of an inspirational leader? Are you an inspirational leader?

·       How do you best assess emotional and cultural intelligences in your school setting?

·       What are some valuable ways understanding EQ and CQ is helping high performing schools increase professional capital, collective efficacy, and school capacity?

·       What are the top personal leadership resources available to leaders?

·       Why is authentic leadership so vital to trust building? How can your learning community foster authentic leadership to improve professional collaboration, classroom instruction, student motivation, and achievement?

·       Is collaboration where it needs to be in order to optimize instructional and intercultural capacity in your learning community? How can you tell?

Module 4: Setting Goals and Expectations Using Data-Informed Decision Making

·       Are you and your team working hard and not yet seeing the improvements desired?

·       Are you gathering the right data?  What additional data do you need to collect?

·       How will a structured process improve your data conversations with others? How do you move from raw data to targeted goals?

·       What is the role of PISA and other large-scale assessments?

·       What are the best strategies for engaging teachers in a review of school data to inform improvement planning and decision making?

People, cooperation, teamwork and partnership. International team of coworkers using laptop computer together while working on their common project, developing business strategy and making plans

Module 5: Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction

·       How can learning walks and professional conversations boost teaching and learning?

·       How might a differentiation framework help school professionals meet individual needs and maintain high expectations for all?

·       What is instructional strategy research suggesting for highly effective schools and how does your school stack up today?

·       How do inquiry-based strategies work to engage student higher order thinking and build intercultural competence and global citizenship?

·       Why will the application of the professional learning cycle support collaborative inquiry? What is the next step?

Module 6: Instructional Leadership Project Plan - The application of theory to practice

How can you incorporate all of your new learning into an actionable plan?

“It is not that the research literature is unhelpful but rather it needs to be put into perspective so that individual change leaders can learn to become more effective in practical, meaningful ways. Our intent is to place the leader in the driver’s seat, in charge of their own learning while collaborating with others.” Fullan 2012

Program Design, Delivery & Pricing to Meet Client Needs

Online 100%

  • Modules 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
  • 4 weeks over 5-week period, per module, weekly themes, two 2-hour webinars, case studies, videos, articles, discussion, reflection, personal module reflection, 15 hours
  • Webinar time determined by client; webinars recorded with alternate assignment
  • Highly interactive with client and instructor; 
  • 80 hours, 6 modules over a period of time determined by the client
  • Payment schedule to be agreed to with client
  • ISL Certificate with co-branding

Pricing Examples

 Full ISL Certificate 

All 6 modules for a group of 18

$28,000 CAD plus applicable taxes


 One Online Module – Group of 18


$6,800 CAD plus applicable taxes

Module Themes

Week 1: Your Why

Week 2: Leadership for Instructional Improvement

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – 


Week 3: Reading week 

Week 4: Leadership for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – Case Studies

Week 5: Leadership Frameworks that Matter

              Module Reflection

              Module Evaluation

Week 1: Effective and Inclusive School Systems

Week 2: High Performing and Inclusive Schools

              Webinar – Saturday Morning [MOU1] 


Week 3: Reading week 

Week 4: Connecting Inclusive Leadership and Schools

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – Case studies

Week 5: Schools as Learning Organizations

              Module Reflection

              Module Evaluation

Week 1: Inspirational Leaders

Week 2: Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

              Webinar – Saturday Morning [MOU2] 


Week 3: Reading week 

Week 4: Leadership with Cultural Intelligence

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – Case studies

Week 5: Relational Trust

              Module Reflection

              Module Evaluation

Week 1: Data Literacy

Week 2: Multiple Measures of Data

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – Big and Little Data


Week 3: Reading week 

Week 4: International Data 

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – Case Studies

Week 5: Data-informed Leadership Practices

              Module Reflection

              Module Evaluation

Week 1: Pedagogical Leadership Frameworks

Week 2: Four PL Competencies

      Webinar – Saturday Morning – Student Engagement and Agency


Week 3: Reading week 

Week 4: Assessment Practices

              Webinar – Saturday Morning – Case studies

Week 5: Professional Learning Cycle

              Module Reflection

              Module Evaluation

Week 1: Webinar – discussion of project

Weeks 2-4: Independent Preparation

Week 5: Submission of Plan

              Completion of Overall Program Evaluation

Onsite (100%)

With onsite delivery, you will get a chance to experience our greatest strength, the quality of our instructors. Beyond having demonstrated the highest levels of leadership, these individuals stand out as exemplary teachers. Onsite delivery is supported by an online learning forum. All module resources are made available online.


Delivery Dates, Activities, and Modules – to be finalized with client

Completion of ISL Self-Assessment Tool for School Leaders

Meeting with client steering committee to finalize contextualizing of the program

Instructor School Visits

Day 1- Module 1        

Day 2- Module 1/2

Day 3- Module 2


Submission of Personal Reflections for both modules, with Instructor feedback

Submission of Individual Session Evaluations


Inter-session Web Conference – 

 ‘Reflecting on the application of the new knowledge.”

Note: no new content will be presented 

Pre-session – collection of school specific data to support Module 4

Day 1 – Module 3

Day 2 – Module 3/4

Day 3 – Module 4


Submission of Personal Reflections for both modules, with Instructor feedback

Submission of Individual Session Evaluations


Inter-session Web Conference 

            ‘Reflecting on the application of the new knowledge.”

Note: Learning Walks will be introduced with discussion of organizing Day 1 of 3rd    session

Day 1 – AM Learning Walks

            PM Learning Walks – debriefing

Day 2- Module 5

Day 3- Module 5 AM

            Module 6 PM – Introduction 


Submission of Leadership Plans developed by individuals, schools or teams, with feedback from the instructor.

Submission of a program evaluation by all participants

Graduation – ISL Certificates


Contract Elements 


Total Contract Price: (quotes upon request)


Payment Schedule: (to be determined)  

Payment 1: 33.3% of contract price – Upon signing of contract 

Payment 2: 33.3% of contract price – due after session 2

Payment 3: 33.3% of contract price – due after session 3


Included in Contract Price:

Program, instructor compensation and travel expenses; all resources online


Not Included:

Costs associated with venue and participants.


Onsite Delivery 

3-day (two modules) for $17.500 plus venue costs

maximum of 30 participants

(Quotes for delivery are available upon request.)

Why Select Our International School Leadership Certificate Program?

Our certificate program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of modules leading to the acquisition of an International School Leadership Certificate. Participants will be able to reflect on their own practice using our online tools focused on self-assessment for teachers and for school leaders.

An internationally highly regarded program for national and international school leaders.

Highly Effective Instructors

Instructors who demonstrate deep commitment to their students, resulting in many life-long relationships.

Internationally Regarded

Participants from over 50 countries who have completed nearly 6000 modules.

Flexible Learning Strategies

Online and onsite delivery formats.

Positive Testimonials

From participants, advocates and collaborators from around the world.

Instructional Strategies

Helps leaders develop high yield strategies, explore current research and work through a student-centered curriculum.

Program Alignment

Leverages partnerships with higher education institutions for advanced standing in Master’s courses and is used as part of a Master’s Degree.

Testimonials of Quality

Outstanding Impact!

The ISL program has made a huge impact on our school system and has created coherence and alignment for all our school and system leaders. We have become better using data and identifying key factors for school improvement and it has helped us laying the foundation for our framework. The learning and commitment has increased for everyone involved and by the power of collective learning we have built capacity within our teams. The program is a good mixture of theory and practise and the instructors were very professional and structured. Everyone agrees that the education was outstanding and that we couldn’t have invested our money in a better way

Who Recognizes Our Certificate Program

A number of universities have certified our program by assessing and verifying the quality of the program in accordance with institutional standards and, thereafter, extending Master degree credits for our program. These universities include:

Our program has been recognized by a number of organizations and institutions around the globe: