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International School Leadership Certificate Modules

Online ISL Certificate Program - Cohort 1 - April 2024



Module 1: Leadership for School Improvement

April 6 to May 10, 2024

Module 2: Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

July 13 to August 16, 2024

Module 3: Building Relationships and Developing People

October 12 to November 15, 2024

Module 4: Setting Goals and Expectations Using Data-Informed Decision Making

January 18 to February 21, 2025

Module 5: Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction 

April 5 to May 9, 2025

Module 6: Instructional Leadership Project Plan - The application of theory to practice

Due June 30, 2025

Registration deadline: March 9, 2024

Onsite Modules

ISL offers onsite delivery across the globe under contract with jurisdictions where registration is determined by the contract. ISL also offers open registration sessions under partnership with institutions. If you are interested in hosting an onsite session in partnership with ISL, please contact international@principals.ca