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Accreditation is the act of giving official recognition of a program that meets the standards of the accrediting institution. 

ISL Certificate Programs are accredited by a wide-variety of institutions:

1.  The Ontario Principals’ Council: The ISL Certificate is accredited by the OPC – an organization that represents and provides Ontario certificate training for more than 5,000 school leaders in Ontario, Canada. Over the past 20 years, OPC has trained over 10,000 school leaders.  The ISL Certificate Program is the international version; however, given the regulatory demands and the Ontario specific knowledge required for principals, the ISL Certificate does not provide portability to Ontario.

2.  Universities: The ISL School-level Program is certified by a number of universities around the world: 

Charles Sturt University, The Education University of Hong Kong and Edith Cowan University provide prior-learning credit in their respective Master’s degrees.

3. Institutions: Our program has been accredited by a variety of institutions that span the globe:



International School Leadership Certificate Program:

Participants in Organizations are required to have a minimum of 3 years of full-time teaching in a k-12 school and an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

International School System Leadership Certificate Program: 

Participants in Organizations are required to have experience as a leader at the school or system level.

English is the language of instruction unless otherwise contracted. ISL has extensive experience in delivering with the support of translation and interpretation services. 

What certificates will be issued?

Upon the completion of a module, ISL will issue a Certificate of Completion. 

Upon the completion of certificate requirements (Modules 1 to 6), ISL will issue an International School Leadership Certificate or International School System Leadership Certificate.

How many hours of professional learning are involved?

How many hours for the ISL Certificates?

  • 100% online: 15 hours per modules 1-5 and 10 hours for Module 6: total of 85 hours
  • 100% onsite: 12 hours per modules 1-5 and 10 hours for Module 6: total of 70 hours (some variation depending upon the hours per day involved in the specific program
  •   Hybrid delivery: dependent upon mix of online and onsite.
What documentation of professional learning hours is available?

Upon request, ISL will provide participants with a document confirming the hours of professional learning.

What materials and resources are provided?

An online Learning Forum using Canvas is created for each event. Organizations are given access prior to the event.  All materials are provided online and participants are required to utilize a device to access the material during the event.  Printing of documents is only undertaken where specifically contracted.  

A PDF of the Powerpoint will be available for downloading.

What work is required before or after the event?

Participants are asked to log onto the Learning Forum prior to the event. The instructor will provide a brief introduction and an overview of the event.

After the event, participants are required to complete a reflection that will be reviewed and assessed by the instructor.  Additional resources will also be available.

Who arranges for accommodation and meals?  

ISL is not involved in arranging accommodation, although recommendations may be provided.  Morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks may be included.  The specifics will be included in the advertising item for the event. 

Quotes available upon request.

As a school leader in an international/private school, why should I take the program?

The program is competitively priced for Organizations and is available in online or onsite format. The online is an affordable alternative to expensive, in-person programs. We try to bring the onsite delivery to you.

The certificate is recognized for prior-learning credit by several universities.
  • The program focuses on instructional leadership and draws on a wide range of literature from public and international schools. 
  • After reviewing the program and involving representatives in a number of modules, the Council of International Schools encouraged members to consider our program. 
  • ISL instructors include a cadre of individuals who have led international schools.
  • Our research (module evaluations) shows that the program is excellent professional learning for leaders in international/private schools.  
  • We have delivered the program online to leaders from Lesotho, Vietnam, China, Japan, Southern Korea, Switzerland, United States, Equator, Columbia, India, Mexico, Singapore, Bermuda, Thailand, Ukraine, Australia, Uganda, Norway, Germany, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Lithuania and Hungary.                 
  • We have delivered the program onsite in Brazil, South Africa, Lesotho, Qatar, China, Norway, Belgium, Mexico, Qatar, Peru, Aruba, and Cayman Islands.
As a school leader in a public (state) school, why should I take the program?
  • It provides excellent professional learning for aspiring school leaders and those currently in a role.
  • The online modules provide an opportunity to learn with school leaders from other countries. 
  • The onsite modules are contextualized to ensure the application of theory to practice. 
  • We have delivered the program onsite to all school leaders within a number of jurisdictions: Tromso (Norway), Malmo (Sweden), Cayman Islands, Aruba, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • We have delivered the program onsite to school leaders who registered for events cosponsored by local organizations – in Norway, Western Australia, Belgium, Iceland (TBA), and Denmark.
  • We conducted an extensive research project into the impact of our program across 3 continents.

All contract opportunities, criteria and additional Q&As are outlined on the Join Our Team page. After reviewing the criteria for the three positions, if you think you would be a good fit, you need to complete the expression of interest form. You will need to have your CV readily available.

As of July 1, 2022, International School Leadership became a department of the Ontario Principals’ Council as a result of corporate restructuring. ISL personnel and programs will be assumed by the department, and new contractual obligations will rest with OPC. This merger will serve the interests of clients, particularly in shifting to a not-for-profit status.

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