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ISL Module 6: Instructional Leadership Project Plan: The Application of Theory to Practice Online – August 2021

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  •  August 2, 2021 - September 13, 2021
     12:00 am

Module 6: Instructional Leadership Project Plan: The Application of Theory to Practice

“It is not that the research literature is unhelpful but rather it needs to be put into perspective so that individual change leaders can learn to become more effective in practical, meaningful ways. Our intent is to place the leader in the driver’s seat, in charge of their own learning while collaborating with others.” Fullan 2012

In this module participants will

  • develop an Instructional Leadership Project Plan focused on a real instructional issue identified within their school by addressing these questions:
  1. What specifically is the instructional leadership focus of the proposed practicum? How do you know this is an issue that needs to be addressed? What information has been analyzed?
  2. What are the goals for the practicum? How does your practicum align with the school and system improvement plans? How is building the intercultural competencies of others embedded in the plan?
  3. What is the context of your practicum? (school, staff, community, culture, length of tenure in current role, etc.)
  4. How does the proposed project directly reflect the role of a school head, deputy, principal (head) or vice-principal (deputy)?
  5. What concepts, theories, and ideas presented in earlier ISL modules will influence your actions? What school and system documents or guidelines will influence your actions? What additional readings have you identified to support your program?
  6. How will this project provide opportunities to work with students, teachers, other leaders, parents, and members of the community?
  7. What are your specific plans? (You may use an organizing chart with month, activity and hours.) Your project must reflect between 50 and 60 hours of work.
  8. How will you assess the impact of your project?
  9. How will you assess your leadership skills in executing the project?
  10. Who will serve as your onsite mentor during the project?
  • ensure the project will involve 60 hours of leadership activity
  • engage in a mentoring/coaching relationship to develop a focus for the plan and assessment and approval of the plan
  • with the execution of the plan, maintain a reflective journal and a time/activity log.

The Online Component:

  • The requirements will be reviewed by the instructor.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to post questions and share their thoughts.
  • Participants will submit their final plan according to the deadline established.
  • If English is not your primary language, you will use Google Translate for submissions and discussion posts.
  • The instructor will use Google Translate to post instructions and comments in the language of the participants.
  • The module will take place over a five (5) week period.

Please note: must have completed 3 modules to register for module 6