International School System Leadership Certificate – Online

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  • February 1, 2022 - February 1, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Limited seats available – Cohort of 20 school system leaders from around the globe!
Date: February 1, 2022 – February 1, 2023
Price: $3,500 CAD
Online modules with each involving 4 hours of synchronous and 10 hours of asynchronous learning.


Module 1 – Leadership for System Improvement – February 2022                                                                                             
  • How is understanding your WHY critical to creating the system WHY?
  • What does current leadership research reveal about ways effective system leaders approach post-pandemic teaching and learning? How to apply it in your system?
  • Why is Fullan & Kirtman’s research on key competencies for system change so potent and relevant today?
  • What, specifically, are your leadership strengths and areas for growth?
  • How is a meaningful system-level leadership framework, collectively created to reflect international literature, able to improve your leadership practices?
Module 2 – Effective School Systems – April 2022
  • How is your system performing? How do you know?
  • What does current effective systems research reveal to help improve your personal leadership and system performance?
  • What has the pandemic taught system leaders about addressing systemic challenges and leading in the future?
  • How can your school ‘system’ be mobilized to build intercultural competencies, global citizenship skills, learning organizations and all-around better outcomes and performance?
Module 3 – Capacity Building Practices – June 2022
  • How does your system build capacity? How effective is your system? How do you know?
  • What are we learning from effective systems using emotional intelligence (EQ) and cultural intelligence (CQ) to create inclusive systems that maximize school performance?
  • Which personal leadership attributes are most helpful to practicing system leaders today?
  • Why is building lateral capacity, within schools, across systems, and between systems, a key improvement strategy? What can you begin to do differently to build the capacity?
  • How will an understanding of leadership conversations build capacity?
Module 4 – Data Use and Planning Practices – September 2022
  • How is data informing decision making in your system? Are you gathering the right data?  How do you know? What additional data is required?
  • Are your school and system leaders working hard and not yet seeing the improvements desired?
  • What are the required system-level conditions that will help you build a high-performing, data informed culture?
  • How are effective school systems organizing, implementing, and evaluating improvement plans? What might you do differently to ensure improvement?
  • What are some recommended strategies for system-level communications to inform your decision-making and processes for monitoring and evaluating school improvement?
Module 5 – Instructional Practices – November 2022
  •  How effective are instructional practices in your schools? How do you know?
  • How are you creating the conditions and supporting instructional leadership in your schools?   How might instructional leadership frameworks strengthen the impact?
  • What important system conditions are necessary to help maximize school leader efficacy and strengthen instructional leadership in your schools?
  • How can leaders across your system be fully supported in their analysis of current system-level practices and potential new applications?
Module 6 – Collaborative Inquiry Plan for System Leaders – Due February 2023
  • How can you incorporate all of your new learning into an actionable plan?


Joni Heard

Joni Heard is a seasoned educator who rose through the teaching ranks and is deeply committed to the application of research-based practices and processes within the realm of educational leadership.

Having served in a number of leadership roles, Joni’s career trajectory includes being a consultant at the district level, vice Principal and principal, education officer, and seconded to the Ontario Ministry of Education for province-wide leadership development.

As an instructor with ISL, Joni oversees a portfolio that includes: classroom instruction, online courses for current and aspiring educational school leaders, developing workshops for international education study tours and Government and Ministry relations. Joni has delivered the system program in Scotland, and Sweden. In 2021-22 Joni will be delivering the program in Sweden and Norway.

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Bruce Barrett

An entrepreneurial mindset, coupled with 30 years of education, places Bruce Barrett firmly at the intersection of education and business. As an instructor with International School Leadership (ISL), Bruce leverages his experience as a classroom teacher, school administrator (secondary and elementary), and Superintendent, to meet the needs of school and system leaders alike.

Bruce firmly believes that any educational system, its school, or component parts, is measured by achievement, well-being, and safety. His work with school administrators is designed to drive student achievement and engagement by leveraging the analysis of class, school, and system data. For the programs and participants to succeed, a commitment to ongoing conversations and regular monitoring visits is required. Those are key drivers to continuous improvement and that visibility is the gateway to positive relationships. A system of checks and balances keeps Bruce engaged with his clients.

Bruce is currently delivering the system program in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Guest Contributors

Hans Nilsson

 Hans Nilsson is a recently retired superintendent from Malmö municipality in Sweden.  He has been a teacher, school and system leader and Associate Director.  Hans’ system responsibilities have included a family of schools, special education and leadership development.



Dr. Tara Smith

Dr. Tara Smith is currently the Manager of Professional Learning for the Western Australia Primary Principals Association (WAPPA).  Prior to this role, Tara was a lecturer and the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching at Murdoch University.  Her expertise includes designing and offering exemplary professional learning and leadership development.



Annette Beaton

Annette Beaton is an Education Scotland Lead Specialist- Systems Leadership.  She is a former teacher, school leader and Scottish College of Educational Leadership (SCEL) fellow.  Annette’s system level work has focused on building capacity, professional learning, leadership development and co-ordination of a national leadership program.