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Case Studies

Creating a Performance Evaluation Policy for School Leaders



UNESCO, 2016-17

Interest in the performance evaluation of school leaders led UNESCO to contract ISL to review, assess and make suggestions for the modification of related educational policies and tools. In addition to virtual meetings with UNESCO representatives and the Ministry team responsible for overseeing the production of the supervisor/principal evaluation process, Dr. Andy Scott spent five days onsite, working closely with a Ministry committee, representing a broad range of interests.

The project included extensive reviews and analysis of school leadership framework case studies from Australia, Cayman Islands, Canada, including Ontario, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States. The analysis centered on existing leadership training and expectations, as well as, existing evaluation practices. A written report was produced, grounded in a clear definition of the role of principal within a school system and providing comprehensive technical recommendations for the implementation of suggested practice and policy changes.