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Case Studies

Contextualizing and Delivering the System Program

Scotland, 2017-2020

Scotland, 2017-2020

At ISL, we understand that context matters greatly. In Scotland, an ISL team led by Joni Heard, contextualized the International School System Certificate Program. The process involved a series of meetings with leaders from Education Scotland. By listening and including local resources and priorities, ISL was able to effectively re-brand the program to maximize results. Following important contextualization, Joni delivered the onsite program to 3 cohorts of system leaders over a period of three years. One participant had this to say about the experience: “I really benefited from the time we were given to explore each of the core elements, especially the practical application of practice to achieve the objectives. I found that a really productive way to lean and whilst I felt exhausted mentally by the end of the day I also felt I had consolidated my learning significantly.”
The final stage of our work involved the training of facilitators to undertake the subsequent delivery within Scotland. Today, Joni remains in contact with the leaders to assist in content and delivery operations.