Our Leaders

International School Leadership is led by individuals with demonstrated expertise in the area of professional development for school leaders, both internationally and domestically.

Dr. Joanne Robinson, Chief Executive Officer

Joanne, as a former principal in the province of Ontario, has been involved in leadership development for over 5,000 principals and vice-principals since 2001. During this time, Joanne led the development of the world renowned Principals’ Qualification Program, the Supervisory Officers Qualification Program, and a myriad of other leadership development initiatives. Presently, Joanne is a key player in the province’s leadership strategy and serves on a variety of boards and committees in the province. Joanne has many years of international school leadership expertise and is called upon in many corners of the world to assist in the assessment of leadership needs and in the development of professional development programs.

Dr. Andy Scott, Director of Operations and Program Development

Dr. Andy Scott is a recognized leader in global education and a leading force behind projects that have positively evolved education communities worldwide.

As the Director of Program and Operations for International School Leadership (ISL), Andy is the innovative mind behind sophisticated programs designed for school leaders with international aspirations. Understanding the diverse backgrounds of ISL participants, Andy works closely with instructors to offer online and on-site course options.

Andy has brought about results-driven change internationally by working with an innovative mindset on complex projects. Vice-principals in Abu Dhabi benefitted from a new training program based on recommendations from Andy and a team of ISL personnel. These training improvements will positively impact the daily activities of the vice-principals and their students. Andy continues to work with international consultancies who have sought him out as a key expert in school leadership. His in-depth insights have led to improvements in principal evaluation in both Jordan and Peru.

30 years of experience in the field has given Andy a deeper understanding of the value and importance behind continuing professional development and education. He uses this experience to enrich the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) Master’s (degree) Dimension as a lead responsible for the administration of the program. His commitment to higher education has also led him to Charles Sturt University where he serves as an Adjunct Professor. He was instrumental in developing a partnership with Western University that resulted in the creation of a master’s degree: Master of Professional Education – International School Leadership.

Andy continues to strive for excellence in everything he does. Throughout his career, he has contributed to the success of students as a teacher, elementary principal, secondary principal and superintendent of schools. With an extensive history in the recruitment, selection and development of school administrators, he has a clear understanding of effective school leadership.