International School Leadership Certificate Overview


The International School Leadership Certificate represents the culmination of many years of experience in providing professional development in Ontario and around the world. It builds on the strengths of the Ontario certification program, our international work to date, and our vision for the future. Although International School Leadership promotes the complete offering, we recognize that individuals and jurisdictions may wish to participate in single or multiple modules.

The International School Leadership Certificate Program offers the ability to earn Master’s credits in the process of completing the certification.


Program Structure and Certificate Requirements

The certificate program is designed to provide a comprehensive set of modules leading to the acquisition of the International School Leadership Certificate. In addition, certification is awarded at three levels of achievement, depending upon the number of completed modules.

Module Expectations


Certificate Level 1

Module 1:      Principal Leadership for School Improvement

Module 2:      Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

Module 3:      Building Relationships and Developing People

Module 4:      Setting Goals and Expectations Using Data Informed Decision Making

Module 5:      Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Module 6:      Instructional Leadership Project Proposal Development: The Application of Theory to Practice


Certificate Level 2:1

Module 7:      Planning, Executing, and Monitoring School Improvement

Module 8:      Resource Management for Improved Student Learning

Module 9:      Personal Qualities, Competencies, and Problem Solving

Module 10:    Mentoring and Coaching

Module 11:    Parent and Community Engagement

Module 12:    Instructional Leadership Project Completion: General reporting requirements


Certificate Level 2:2

Modules 7 to 11

Module 13:    Instructional Leadership Project Completion: Master’s recognition requirements


Certificate Level 3

Module 14:    Becoming a Facilitator for the International School Leadership Program


Hours of Instruction

All Modules are 15 to 20 hours of instruction, except for the following: Module 6: 10 hours; Module 12: 50 hours;  Module 13: 20 hours.


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