Finding International Teaching (Fit)

Finding the Right Fit in International Teaching

“Teaching overseas is an incredibly exciting personal and professional journey. In overseas teaching, finding the right fit is everything. With this course, Jason and Launa bring their passion, experience, and expertise to the task of assisting others with the journey.”

- Dr. Andy Scott, Director of Program and Operations


  • Fit is about identifying schools, communities, and cultures that are compatible with who you are as an individual and a professional. It is also about finding a school that will provide exciting challenges, growth and rewards.
  • Recruiters are looking for teachers who understand fit and are a good match for their schools. Central to this course, is unpacking the idea of fit.
  • Understanding fit allows teachers to answer critical questions such as: If asked, would I be open to teaching any grade level within my certification? Will the ways I feel I contribute to a school community be valued? Am I ready for the day-to-day realities of living in a culture other than my own?
  • This course brings to light the personal, professional, practical and cultural realities of teaching and living overseas.



  • Finding faculty who fit is everything. Fit is about identifying teachers who are compatible with your school, local community and host country. Who is the teacher sitting before you and are they ready for the challenges that await them if you offer them a contract?
  • This course provides a variety of learning experiences for teachers who are seeking their first international teaching position.
  • Teachers will learn to conceptualize who they are as individuals and professionals and determine their own best fit in international teaching. They will also gain an understanding of international teaching, be better equipped to describe what they have to offer as professionals and individuals and ultimately be able to make informed decisions about their fit within a school.
  • Finding fit is a mutual endeavour. This course provides teachers and recruiters with a common language for finding fit.
  • Content may be customized to meet regional, corporate and school needs.



Participants will

  • understand the idea of fit with a focus on recognizing the variety of personal and professional decisions that can lead to a positive overseas teaching experience
  • examine and deconstruct the way in which culture shapes an international experience. Specific attention will be given to the ideas of the culture teachers carry with them when they teach abroad, the various teaching cultures of international schools and the challenges and opportunities involved in living and working in a foreign culture
  • identify and explore various technology and the technological expectations in international schools
  • explore the different curricular frameworks which include particular standards of practice pertaining to pedagogy, curriculum and assessment in international schools
  • examine and reflect on personal preparedness to participate in the collaborative structures/expectations found in international schools
  • identify and distinguish between professional learning expectations/opportunities and teacher appraisal in international schools
  • understand the stresses, emotions and logistics associated with participating in any overseas hiring process. Specific attention will be given to the job fair experience, online recruitment and navigating job contracts.








As a former international teacher who spent five years of her career in China and South Korea, Launa has taught at the elementary, middle and high school levels. She has worked with different school curricula including the English national curriculum, Common Core and the provincial curricula from New Brunswick and Ontario. Upon returning to Canada, Launa did advocacy work for international students and their families in the Prince Edward Island school system.


Currently, Launa is completing her PhD (Education) at Queen’s University and working as an Educational Development Associate at Queen’s Centre for Teaching and Learning. She is also an instructor in the Bachelor of Education program. Her doctoral research focuses primarily on teacher learning. Launa has also conducted independent research on professional learning in an international school in China, and on international school hiring practices at two teacher recruitment fairs in Ontario. She has been a member of the advisory board for the Teachers’ Overseas Recruitment Fair (TORF) at Queen’s University for the past three years. Launa brings a solid understanding of the experiences of teaching in international schools both from teachers’ (new and experienced) and administrators’ perspectives. Her future projects include continuing to research and write about fit in international schools and to support teacher development, especially as it pertains to teaching in overseas schools.


Her hard work and dedication are inspiring and she helped me to grow as a professional and a person.

- Teacher candidate

Launa is an amazing educator, she goes above and beyond for her students and provides indispensable feedback. Thank-you for your leadership and mentorship!

- Teacher candidate

Launa is an extraordinary educator, mentor and colleague, who strives to get to know her students as both educators and individuals. Her positive attitude, approachable nature and supportive demeanour are just a few of the characteristics that make her such an outstanding educator! She is someone that I will continuously look up to, and who has helped shaped both me as a teacher and my teaching practice. I was lucky to have been taught by her!

- Lauren Brick, Teacher Candidate





With 10 years of international teaching experience, Jason’s love for drama, art and English is what first took him to Mexico, then to Turkey and finally to the United Arab Emirates. Over his lengthy career he has worked with a wide variety of curricula including International Baccalaureate and Common Core. Jason has had the fortune of working in international schools that provide many rich in-house and off-site professional learning opportunities, including most recently the Assessment Training Institute in Portland Oregon. His extensive international teaching experience brings a strong understanding of the language, systems and expectations associated with international education.


Currently, Jason is finishing his PhD (Education) at Queen’s University. His program foci are curriculum and assessment and his doctoral research focuses on professional learning. Specifically, he has been researching the nature of teacher learning when viewed and operationalized as a collective and creative act. Future projects include writing a handbook on international drama education and supporting the further use of arts based language to re-imagine systems and structures in schools and supporting the transition for new and experienced national teachers’ in to international education.


Jason has spent the majority of his young career teaching overseas in a wide variety of countries and multicultural classrooms. He actively reflects upon this international experience in working to establish learning environments reflective of place and academic expectations. For a young educator who is trying to figure out if teaching abroad is the right path for them, Jason can both inform and guide you in understanding what teaching overseas is about.

- B.Ed. Candidate

I have worked with Jason in two schools in two different countries. I met Jason in his first year of international teaching. Very early on he established himself as a dedicated classroom teacher sensitive to the needs of his students. Six years later, his commitment to his personal learning and the learning in the classroom had made him into a distinguished and respected teacher.

- Teaching Colleague


This 18 hour course is offered 100% online or as a blended onsite/online experience. Current opportunities are described on the website.



For individuals, the registration fee is $452 CAD.
For schools, systems and corporations, the registration fee may be less depending on the number of participants.


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