Education Study Tours

Explore. Experience. Share.

Education Study Tours are provided to those who wish to understand the Ontario experience in improving student achievement and well-being. The tours provide an opportunity to learn about the Ontario education system at all three levels: the school, school district and Ministry of Education. Participants will gain an understanding of the alignment and focus of our highly effective school system.

Over 100 tours successfully completed with participants from North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.
Participants will experience
  • dialogue with Ontario educational experts
  • the delivery of effective practice in our schools
  • collaboration and sharing with colleagues to build professional learning networks
  • a renewed focus and professional learning to improve student achievement and well-being in their home country and
  • the opportunity to explore Ontario's sights and cultures
Tour Information

Education Study Tours are typically five days in length but can be modified to meet your group's needs. The tours are provided as customized programs.

Tour components may include

Most study tours are hosted at the ISL offices in beautiful downtown Toronto and most of our school visits are arranged with the Toronto District School Board, however, we have access to most other districts in the province to meet your group's needs.

If you have any additional questions or are looking to arrange a study tour for your group, contact us and get started today!