Consulting Services

International School Leadership (ISL) provides exemplary professional learning to school and system leaders. Our renowned leadership programs are used internationally in jurisdictions looking to improve student achievement and well-being. Our research-based programs and best practices serve as a foundation for consulting services offered by our diverse team of experts with strong academic backgrounds and demonstrated excellence as educational leaders.


How we can help?

We adapt our services to your realities. Our work has taken us to nearly every continent as we share our expertise in school and system leadership.

With ISL you will benefit from

  • key partnerships in the education sector
  • experienced and highly trained consultants
  • international affiliations with universities, organizations and ministries of education
  • global connections to establish highly effective project teams and
  • the Ontario experience in creating a highly effective educational system, as evidenced by recent PISA results

Areas of specialization

ISL has worked with organizations from North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. We have solutions for every part of the world. 

If you have any additional questions or are looking to consult with our team of experts, contact us and get started today!