Special June Online Offering at a Discounted Price

  • Special Online Offering
    June 1, 2020 - June 27, 2020
    12:00 am - 11:55 pm

50% Discount on Online Courses in June

In an effort to support school leaders during this time, ISL is offering a special, online offering during the month of June.

50% discount on all online offerings ($225 CAD) for each of the courses listed below.

Certificate Modules

A. ISL Module 1: Principal Leadership for School Improvement

  • examine attributes of an effective school leader for 21st century teaching and learning using international leadership frameworks
  • examine components of instructional leadership including setting vision, creating a safe and orderly environment, developing other leaders, improving instruction and managing people, data and processes within a diverse school

B. ISL Module 2: Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

  • increase the understanding of components for effective schools including focus on learning, student voice, monitoring and assessment, strong home-school relationships, high expectations and clear mission and vision
  • understand the role of school and system leaders in developing and sustaining effective schools and systems and
  • review key actions of leaders of high performing school and systems that set them apart from others.

C. ISL Module 3: Building Relationships and Developing People

  • explore emotional intelligence (EQ) and cultural intelligence (CQ) and identify strategies that maximize performance when interacting with teachers, students and parents in diverse school communities.
  • enrich their understanding of the power of clear communication, effective problem solving and meaningful meetings to increase the focus and attainment of student achievement.

D. ISL Module 4: Setting Goals and Expectations Using Data Informed Decision Making

  • understand how to work with teachers using a variety of data to inform decision making, influence the direction in school improvement planning and lead ongoing monitoring and evaluation of school improvement plan
  • explore qualitative and quantitative indicators of success and growth with teachers in terms of student achievement and intercultural competency

E. ISL Module 5: Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction

  • gain strategies for working with teachers to understand the relationship between self-regulation, learning skills and readiness for learning
  • explore various learning styles and instructional strategies to meet the individual needs of all, including the Teaching-Learning Critical Pathways as a tool to organize actions for teaching and student learning
  • understand how to monitor the quality of teaching through classroom walkthroughs and challenging conversations.


  • Each offering will run from June 1 to June 22 and require 18 hours of participation
  • Participants may sign up for a maximum of 3 modules



Details Price Qty
A. ISL Module 1 - Regular Ticketshow details + $225.00 (CAD)   Expired
A. ISL Module 1 - Canadian Residentshow details + $224.99 (CAD)*   Expired
B. ISL Module 2 - Regular Ticketshow details + $225.00 (CAD)   Expired
B. ISL Module 2 - Canadian Residentshow details + $224.99 (CAD)*   Expired
C. ISL Module 3 - Regular Ticketshow details + $225.00 (CAD)   Expired
C. ISL Module 3 - Canadian Residentshow details + $224.99 (CAD)*   Expired
D. ISL Module 4 - Regular Ticketshow details + $225.00 (CAD)  
D. ISL Module 4 - Canadian Residentshow details + $224.99 (CAD)*  
E. ISL Module 5 - Regular Ticketshow details + $225.00 (CAD)   Expired
E. ISL Module 5 - Canadian Residentshow details + $224.99 (CAD)*   Expired

* price includes taxes