ISL Module 11: Parent and Community Engagement

  • November 19, 2018 - December 24, 2018
    12:00 am

ISL Module 11: Parent and Community Engagement

“Building relations with families is encouraged by evidence demonstrating the very large contribution to student achievement of family or home characteristics (for example, parental expectations), the increase in public accountability of schools to their communities through current educational accountability policies and the growing need for schools to build public support.” Leithwood, 2012.

In this module participants will

  • examine the research about the importance of parent and community engagement as an integral component of effective school leadership
  • understand the connection between increased parent engagement and increased student achievement
  • identify and explain the Six Types of Parent Involvement (Parenting, Communication, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision-making, Collaborating with the Community) as identified by Joyce Epstein
  • examine current practices in the context of the new conceptual understanding and identify of areas for growth and innovative new practices
  • identify and understand the barriers to meaningful parent and community engagement and generate potential solutions
  • explore the challenges associated with increased parent and community involvement
  • understand characteristics of a welcoming school environment and the role of administrators and teachers in creating this environment
  • identify school and district structures and practices that engage a diverse parent and community, develop intercultural competencies and sustain engagement and
  • examine tools for measuring and resources to support parent and community engagement.



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