ISL Module 10: Mentoring and Coaching

  • January 14, 2019 - February 18, 2019
    12:00 am

ISL Module 10: Mentoring and Coaching

“Coaching and training provided to all of the mentors and many of the mentees comprised the pivotal element that inspired a genuine change in leadership practice for mentors, mentees, and the steering committee members. Reflective practice, active listening, thought-provoking questioning and deliberate humility were the competencies that participants highlighted and believed accounted for the positive influence of the program. The effect was not solely directed toward the mentoring/coaching relationships, but towards the leadership expertise that was adapted and utilized in daily practice, both inside and outside the school environment.” Robinson, 2013.

In this module participants will

  • examine mentoring and coaching from an academic and implementation perspective
  • explore the types of mentoring and the benefits of mentoring to the mentee, mentor and organization
  • understand both the roles and responsibilities of the mentee, mentor and organization in a successful mentoring culture
  • explore the components of successful coaching
  • understand that self-reflection of strengths and areas for growth is key to successful mentoring and coaching
  • identify the goals and processes associated with the four phases of the mentoring cycle: Preparing, Negotiating, Enabling and Coming to Closure
  • understand the components and process of setting up a successful mentoring and coaching program
  • understand that mentoring and coaching will significantly enhance the learning relationships and conversations and build capacity of school and system leaders in the areas of communication, knowledge building, intercultural competencies, problem solving, decision making and establishing accountabilities
  • engage in “challenging conversations” to experience the process as a support for evaluation and profession growth and
  • identify effective performance appraisal system as an integral part of a continuum of professional learning that supports effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices, identifies opportunities for additional support and provides a measure of accountability to the public.


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