Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

Knowledge Diplomacy

On April 21, 2014, our second online pilot commenced with school leaders from South Africa, Oman, Denmark, Canada, Peru and Brazil.

“Our world classroom, with representatives from many different countries and educational systems, provides a powerful learning environment by presenting conditions for what has been termed ‘knowledge diplomacy’ – the sharing of knowledge across borders.”  Dr. Andy Scott, Director of Program and Operations

During Module 2 of the International School Leadership Certificate Program, Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems, we explore effective schools research from a number of international sources, including the High Performing School Report from McKinsey & Co, Larry Lezotte and the Effective Schools Movement, the School Effectiveness Framework from Ontario, Canada and the Characteristics of Effective Schools from the University of Washington.  In addition, participants will have an opportunity to examine and reflect on the components of several effective school frameworks within the context of their jurisdiction.  We also consider the importance and qualities of effective school and system leadership, and explore tools for monitoring and ensuring success.

International School Leadership uses a learning management system that provides participants with an exceptional learning experience. The easy-to-use, intuitive features give participants access to interactive tools that bolsters collaboration and ensures engagement.  Each learning opportunity features synchronous and asynchronous activities designed and guided by highly trained instructors who have extensive experience in educational leadership.

The online modules are designed with the following characteristics:

  • Each module extends over a 5 week period;
  • Participants must spend 3 to 4 hours per week completing the various activities and assignments;
  • Four webinars are included, with the opportunity to engage in real-time discussion;
  • Resource materials provide an international perspective – papers, reports, and video clips from experts;
  • Participants are assessed in terms of a reflective journal and overall participation;
  • Participants assess the module.

Upcoming International School Leadership Certificate online modules

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