Dynamic Leadership


In the words of International School Leadership CEO Dr. Joanne Robinson, “principals, who model their own learning while shaping the conditions for all to engage in ongoing professional learning, are dynamic.”


The Queensland Principal, produced by the Queensland Association of State School Principals’, is a quarterly publication released to their membership. This year all four issues will explore dynamic, networked, authentic and creative leadership.

In the most recently released 2014 March journal, along with notable quoted sources such as Bryan Goodwin, John Hattie, Michael Fullan, O.C., Dr. Lyn Sharratt, Dr. Yong Zhao, Dr. Robinson authored a thought-provoking article outlining select highlights regarding her upcoming keynote presentation at the QASSP Leadership DNA 2014 Conference this July in Brisbane.

Following this release, Dr. Robinson will author one more article on the topic of networked leaders in the summer issue.

The original full version of this article appeared in the Journal of the Queensland Association of State School Principals, The Queensland Principal, March 2014 Volume 41 Issue 1, p. 13 – 16. 


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