5 Courses to Improve Student Achievement


Recently International School Leadership, in partnership with Innova Schools in Peru, delivered certification training to 30 private school leaders.  Over two phases, consisting of five full-day training sessions, each participant successfully completed the following modules within the International School Leadership Certificate Program.

  • Module 1 – Principal Leadership for School Improvement
  • Module 2 – Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems
  • Module 3 – Building Relationships and Developing People
  • Module 4 – Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems
  • Module 5 – Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction:  Meeting the needs of all learners

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The challenges expressed by Innova Schools included maintaining their annual enrolment numbers, parent engagement and support, teacher retention and staff professional development training.

International School Leadership was able to customize our program offering to meet the unique needs and standards of this group of schools.  Consultation began with a full syllabus proposal, drafted, forwarded and reviewed in-depth with partnered Peruvian senior management.  Through our collaborative approach, differentiated items were discussed and areas of emphasis and de-emphasis were identified. Our highly adaptable instructors were able to tailor content onsite as required and all course materials were translated into Spanish.


Items of value to candidates …

An intense focus was placed on student learning and improved student achievement during this offering, and items of value included

  • learning cycles
  • collaborative cultures study
  • professional learning communities
  • principal learning teams
  • effective parent engagement strategies,
  • methods of differentiating instruction and
  • high yield strategies employed in the classroom.

 The utilization of data to drive instruction was significant to candidates as Innova Schools recently completed a round of student testing.

Overall, the program was well received and candidate feedback was positive in all regards. International School Leadership is pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Innova school leaders on this valuable and engaging program offering.

Bob Jackson, International School Leadership Instructor is a retired principal from Ontario, Canada with over 20 years experience in six different elementary schools.  He has received the Award of Distinction and the prestigious John Laughlin Award for school leadership.   Bob is a member of Leading Student Achievement initiative and Connective Intelligence Program Steering Team, and is a coach in the secondary school collaborative inquiry project.  He has extensive experience facilitating training for school leaders.

 For further program insights please contact inquiries@internationalschoolleaderhip or 416-322-7452.


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