Transforming Leadership in Jordan

CEO, Dr. Joanne Robinson is currently working in Amman, Jordan, completing the final phase of deliverables in the ongoing development of a framework for continuous professional development for school leaders. Based on consultation over the past two years, significant gains have been made in the establishment of standards for school and system leaders and holistic professional development strategies.

“Through a rich participatory process, ISL has supported Jordan’s school leadership and capacity building by reviewing the existing leadership program and providing expert advice on how to update the program to better integrate aspects instructional leadership and coaching and mentoring. The new Leadership for School Development Program is specifically tailored to the Jordanian context addressing its unique school and Field Directorate system needs. As a direct result of program customization services, the new Leadership for School Development Program has been accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Education and been made a mandatory program for all Jordanian education leaders.  The new program has had a transformative effect on the way schools are operated and engage with their communities.”   

 – Joan Donaldson, School and Directorate Improvement Project Amman, Jordan




“The new Leadership for School Development Program from centralized control and toward school-based improvement, and from the administration leadership to instructional leadership. The new program does four main things:

  1. Shifting the focus from the administration tasks and follow-up to focus on instructional leadership and technical issues ( i.e. student assessment, professional learning communities, teaching strategies and  leading information and communication technology in school)
  2. Shifting the focus from tasks to result, and empowerment in others (i.e. how to lead community engagement ,mentor coaching, data decision making, using data to improve student achievements)
  3. It adds modules to better equip principals, assistant principals and supervisors to implement school improvement plans and mentor coach teachers
  4. It packages the previously discrete training programs: Leadership School Development Program,  Field Directorate Program, RBM, Gender and the Community Engagement Program into one coherent 160-hour course that meet the Ministry of Education requirements for accreditation.”

– Ziad Twissi, Deputy Manager


Our International School Leadership consultation team has extensive expertise offering guidance to inform professional practice and successful school leadership programs.  Our global portfolio includes regions such as, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Kuwait and Peru.

More information on International School Leadership consultation and program customization services.

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